A starting point in your journey towards a remotely connected network of devices and applications on edge is provisioning of new devices and their onboarding to your system. This includes:

  • Creating device images
  • Persisting device data to the database
  • Defining secure device policies
  • Implementing supporting reliable backend systems for device management

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Hypergrowth of global connectivity in the early 2010s inevitably forged path to further development of devices deployed on customer premises and industrial environments. Communication between them and remotely located services became a thing.

New IoT platforms were built due to an ever-growing demand of connecting embedded systems such as Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone to the Internet. They started tackling challenges of remote management, big data storage, analytics and over-the-air updates. With great success. Number of startups base their products on top of them. But not without any drawbacks.

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